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Effects Of Antisocial Personality Disorder On Society

EFFECTS OF ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDER The Cause and Effect on Society from being diagnosed with the condition from Adolescence to Adulthood Antisocial Personality Disorder There have been several studies done to demonstrate the condition known as Antisocial Personality Disorder. Around the 19th century it was called, with what the doctors would in the beginning refer to as moral insanity (National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health, 1970). When doctors first came across individuals with this condition, they realized that they were still technically sane even after the abhorrent things these individuals have done. Without care or consequences to anyone but themselves. But it was hard to diagnose since this disorder was so†¦show more content†¦When the word psychopath is mentioned, most people will relate that word to serial killers. But often you are more likely to see them as business men or women, they can have any average day job if their personality and lack of conscience doesn t get in the way. Even though those that are a diagnosed psychopath, sociopath, and ASPD they aren t always the serial killer you see on T.V. Most are smart enough to avoid the attention of the police. Several studies have shown that they more likely to be involved with White collar crimes like stealing an old lady s money from some scam their running, and leave countless victims in their wake. But yes, some do have the potential to become violent and there is evidence to portray that too. Part of being diagnosed as ASPD is the level of potential a person has to be a danger to themselves or others. EFFECTS OF ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY DTSORDER Discussion Several articles mentioned above have been written in the late 1900 s. Many advances to these personality disorders have improved since then, especially when it comes to diagnosing the person(s) affected. For the articles used in this discussion and other research done, has had several errors or data that could have changed by theShow MoreRelatedIntroduction . Cases Of Antisocial Personality Disorder1112 Words   |  5 Pages Cases of antisocial personality disorder among the people have become a common phenomenon in many parts of the world. In most cases, children who suffer from conduct disorder end up developing this health problem (Mayo Clinic staff, 2016). It is noted that the advent of antisocial personality starts with disruptive behavior which in most cases is coupled with rude behavior such as involvement in violent and criminal activities. It is evident that this antisocial personality not only affectsRead More Antisocial Personality Disorder Essays935 Words   |  4 PagesAntisocial Personality Disorder They are your neighbors. They are your friends. Maybe they are even your family. You talk with them often, and have even had them over for dinner on occasion. Perhaps your children play in the same playground or spend time in the same social group. Although you have noticed some quirks and idiosyncrasies, you would never know the difference, and you would never expect the worst. After something bad happens that draws your attention to them, you have been forcedRead MoreCase Analysis : Rick Sanchez1700 Words   |  7 Pagesbunkers underneath the home and creating an astronomical electric bill for which he does not take responsibility or compensate them for. This callous and potentially destructive behavior is synonymous with antisocial personality disorder, though Sanchez exhibits many signs of substance abuse disorder as well. By persistently using alcohol Sanchez often puts his grandson, Morty, at risk, and at times becomes threatening or violent towards him. Sanchez also often voices his cravings for alcoholic beveragesRead MoreAntisocial Personality Disorder959 Words   |  4 Pagestruth: someone you know has Antisocial Personality Disorder. Antisocial Personality Disorder is a personality disorder recognized within the American Psychiatric Associations Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. This disorder is a lifelong infliction that affects more men than women. An approximate six percent of men and one percent of women in the United States population are considered sociopaths or psychopaths (Wood). In order to be diagnosed with this disorder, the individual must be atRead MoreAntisocial Personality Disorders among Criminals1000 Words   |  4 Pages Antisocial Personality Disorders among Criminals Antisocial personality disorder is very common among criminals. Criminals normally have had something in their lives happen to cause these acts of violence or rule-breaking to occur. Personality disorders and social problems are common not only in criminals, but in the general population. The extent to which innocent people are effected by disorders from criminals are diverse, with some actually losing their lives and loved ones. This report it willRead MoreAntisocial Personality Disorder ( Dsm V )1672 Words   |  7 Pagesof Mental Disorders-V (DSM-V), released in 2013, places psychopathy, along with sociopathy, in the category of ego-syntonic1 personality disorders (Jenkins, 2014). The official term, encompassing both psychopathy and sociopathy, is Antisocial Personality Disorder; this disorder is â€Å"characterized by a long-standing pattern of a disregard for other people’s rights, often crossing the line and violating those rights† (Psych Central, 2014). Those af flicted with Antisocial Personality Disorder act onlyRead MoreTaking a Look at Psychopaths and Sociopaths1325 Words   |  5 Pages Of all the psychiatric disorders, none are more chilling to the world then the psychopaths and sociopaths. These two disorders, categorized as antisocial personality disorders, bring about the absolute worse people and killers that the world has ever known. The infamous serial killers, the people who do the unimaginable, were all psychopaths. The ability of these people to do what they do and know that what they are doing is wrong, is perhaps one of the most chilling and shocking characteristicRead MoreHow Language Deficiency Relates to Antisocial Behavior Essay936 Words   |  4 Pagesspeak properly could have numerous effects on a person in society, which could lead to antisocial behavior. If a person becomes antisocial, they lack what it takes to coexist with society in an acceptable manner. The person with this behavior usually affects society in a negative way. Speech is the sound that comes out of our mouth and language is a measure of intelligence. When a person has a problem with either it is called a language disorder. These disorders can be caused by a range of thingsRead MoreDistinguishing Between Some Criminological Terms894 Words   |  4 Pages1990) Antisocial behavior is behavior that causes physical, psychological, or other kinds of damage to a society, whether on purpose or by accident or negligence. Antisocial behavior is not often isolated and recurs with ease for the offender the more often the behavior manifests. (Loeber Keenan, 1994) Extended demonstration of antisocial behavior can lead to classification of Antisocial Personality Disorder, which is a disorder with several very distinct characteristics and signs. Antisocial behaviorRead MoreAntisocial Personality Behavior Essay1311 Words   |  6 PagesAntisocial Personality Behavior When we define abnormal behavior we must keep in mind that â€Å"normal† differs from culture to culture. What it is normal for a person from India is completely strange for a person from Europe, Colombia or Japan. To determine whether a person’s behavior is abnormal psychologist use three basic criteria as follows: Deviation from statistical norms and social norms, maladaptive behavior, and personal distress. If the individual’s behavior is considered â€Å"abnormal†, mental

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The In What Ways Do Students Compromise Academic Integrity Essay Samples Chronicles

The In What Ways Do Students Compromise Academic Integrity Essay Samples Chronicles Such expenses and consequences, that a man or woman will probably experience include strain and depression related problems, very low self esteem and other types of diseases, which might arise from the situations involved with graphic design (Damian et al 2003). This is of benefit to an individual in order to create stable relationship with different persons in the society, which might allow somebody to develop in all the facets of their life. Admittedly, the underlying issues that cause dishonesty are often intricate and multidimensional. It is likewise very disappointing it isn't easy to locate those who have high integrity and are always honest, regardless of what the consequence. Integrity is tough to explain but a huge part of it is controlled by the values that you decide to have in your life. But as Buffett suggests, too little integrity includes a high price tag. Ok, I Think I Understand In What Ways Do Students Compromise Academic Integrity Essay Samples, Now Tell Me About in What Ways Do Students Compromise Academic Integrity Essay Samples! Violating with the academic integrity cannot assist the student to success later on. Because of that, integrity is important in all regions of life. As integrity is regarded as the basis of the formation of somebody's character, integrity has to begin from somebody by having the ability to stay consistent with their actions, and being truthful to his or her private self. Upholding academic integrity is composed of having a significant amount of honesty and ensuring that whatever perception an individual creates, it has to be truly so. Additionally, I'd like to use both of these articles as reference, because they explains a number of the causes of academic integrity, and a few of the cheating practices. In addition, we attempt to explore what other sources say regarding the maintenance of high academic integrity. The worth of having integrity is something that you will carry with you not just in school, but additionally in different phases of your life. in What Ways Do Students Compromise Academic Integrity Essay Samples Can Be Fun for Everyone Much like anything else online, it's critical to be certain the writing service you select is trustworthy, high-quality, and credible. Integrity looks like an unattainable trait by many and that's due to how it's so much simpler to get through life taking short cuts and lying. If you're already feeling overwhelmed, elect for assistance instead of piling more on your plate. These folks graduate from college thinking they are ready to go out in real life and begin their career with a diploma they don't really deserve to have. It's only natural for the bulk of us to want to get accepted by the people we're surrounded by therefore we conform to their social norms, whether it's morally right for all of us to do so or not. For instance, athletes who've been hurt in mishaps may continue their career in the exact area but just in a different post. Each student's situation differs. The list isn't exhaustive. Front-load the handout with the task accessible. Normally, it's a strong charge of the research problem under study and total word choice. He said some instances of suspected plagiarism the software flags aren't plagiarism but bad citation or students who don't understand academic conventions. If you're not sure about dissertation students the quality of our papers, have a look at sample papers to understand what you can count on from us. in What Ways Do Students Compromise Academic Integrity Essay Samples - the Conspiracy It's a composition of whatever falls in the class of falsehood, misrepresentation or theft. In relating the individual's acts and values particularly conditions, the value system of a man or woman can be changed in the event the individual can do away with the acts, which display any types of inconsistencies. In occasions where integrity is utilized to define the fantastic acts of someone, hypocrisy can be utilized to describe an individual's actions, which do not appear to conform to the determined value s ystem. Integrity of someone is assessed, whether the man or woman is being observed by other people or not. How to Get Started with in What Ways Do Students Compromise Academic Integrity Essay Samples? Folks often ask how to compose plagiarism-PROOF assignments. However, as it isn't always feasible for a student to produce innovations and authentic work, it's expected that whenever someone else's work was borrowed or referred to during the analysis, it has to be acknowledged through citations, referencing and usage of bibliographies whenever appropriate. Students who mean to cheat will discover a way, despite our very best efforts.

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A Microeconomic Analysis of Indian Retail Industry Free Essays

string(89) " COMPETITION AND RIVALRY Competition is one of the means to achieve economic efficiency\." MODERN RETAIL MICRO ECONOMICS PROJECT REPORT ABSTRACT The growing number of modern retail outlets in India on the one hand and frequent sale seasons and talks of underperformance on the other point to a mixed bag and make us wonder whether the sector is on the right growth trajectory. In this report, rather than providing with just the facts, we have tried to understand the modern retail sector from an economist’s point of view and visualize its future-whether it is in its expansion or contraction phase. Motivated by the rising per-capita incomes and increased spending on consumer goods, modern retail stores are coming up with new strategies and plans to unlock the Pandora box of the untapped and unorganized retail sector. We will write a custom essay sample on A Microeconomic Analysis of Indian Retail Industry or any similar topic only for you Order Now In the course of the report, we try to find out – how the retail sector works, major regulations that affect its functioning and the challenges that await the sector and summarize with our analysis and recommendations. Note: We have used where we’ve analyzed the situation from a micro-economic point of view. INTRODUCTION The retail sector in India can broadly be classified as organized and unorganized where the share of unorganized sector is more than 93% of the total and includes the kirana stores, mom and pop stores and the ilk. The organized or modern retail sector on the other hand captures a mere 7% of the total market share. Modern retail is defined as a form of retailing whereby consumers can buy goods from a similar purchase environment across more than one physical location and operates under three levels: Specialist stores catering to some particular category of product such as footwear, pharma beauty, food and grocery etc. classified under level I. Departmental stores that cater to a few categories of retail put under level II, and malls where we find an agglomeration of many departmental stores, hypermarkets etc – classified under level III retail. The figure 1 below shows the various players at different levels of retail. Retail stores can also be classified under ‘lifestyl e’, ‘value’ and ‘luxury’ formats based upon the consumer income segment they target. Figure : Players operating at different levels Figure: Organized Retail Although, the sector boasts of covering almost all the verticals, a look at the markets under different verticals shows that Organized Retail Penetration is extremely low – 2. 4 percent – for the food and grocery, which in contrast makes up for the biggest part of the total retail market. The apparels, foot wear and home decor are the major contributors under organized retail and have been prospering at a rapid pace. The figures below depict the market share and Organized Retail Penetration in different verticals. Figure: Market Share of Different Verticals in Organized Retail Source: CRISIL Figure: Organized retail penetration (%) in different verticals Source: CRISIL Retail almost accounts for around 15% of India’s GDP and thus plays an important role in determining the Indian economic indicators. Organized retail became the apple of everyone’s eye when Vishal Mega Mart profited from its operations in different parts of India. Soon, other players started with their own retail chains such as V-Mart, Big Bazaar, Subhiksha, Pantaloons et al and the market turned into a very competitive market, probably lowering the economic profits of the retailers, and consequently the situation now is that Vishal, Subhiksha and others stand nowhere compared to the biggies such as Reliance, Big Bazaar and others. The major reasons for this are the marketing mix of these brands and benefits from economies of scale. However, because a number of factors go into determining business profitability, it would not be correct to give all credit to the above mentioned factors. Let’s now look at the major player in organized retail in India. MAJOR PLAYERS The organized retail sector of India has many domestic corporate houses competing with their ventures such as Tata’s Chroma, Reliance Trends, Reliance Fresh, Futures Pantaloons, RPG so on. Other than these, fascinated by the Indian demographics and potential market, international players have entered through joint ventures with national players and are planning to compete for the share through such strategies. Major players along with their brands are shown below. * Landmark (books and music) * Croma(multi-brand electronics) * World of Titan (watches) * Tanishq (jewellery) * Titan Eye+ (eye wear) * Westside (lifestyle retail store) * Star Bazaar (hypermarket chain) * Fashion Yatra(family fashion store) * Central (shopping mall) * Big Bazaar (hypermarket) * Pantaloons (fashion outlet) * Blue Sky (sunglasses) * Brand Factory (multi-brand readymade garments) * KB’s Fair Price (essential products) * Navaras(jewellery) Planet Store (multi-brand sports and lifestyle speciality retail) * aLL(fashion garments) * Ethnicity (Indian ethnic wear) * Home Town (home needs), * eZone(electronics), * Furniture Bazaar (home furniture), * Electronics Bazaar(under Big Bazaar, electronics stores) * Home Bazaar (satellite version of Home Town) * Collection I (lifestyle furniture) * Gen M ; One Mobile (mobile phones) * M-Port (electronics) * Shoe Factory (footwear) * Depot (books and music) * Reliance Fre sh (neighbourhood store) * Reliance Mart (supermarket) * Reliance Super (mini-mart) Reliance Digital (consumer durables and information technology) * Reliance Trends (apparel and accessories) * Reliance Wellness (health, wellness and beauty) * iStore(Apple products) * Reliance Footprint (footwear) * Reliance Jewels (jewellery) * Reliance TimeOut(books, music and entertainment) * Reliance AutoZone (automotive products and services) * Reliance Living (home ware, furniture, modular kitchens and furnishings) * Music World (music and home video store) * Books ; Beyond (book store) * Spencers (multi-format retail store) K RAHEJA Shoppers Stop (clothing, accessories, fragrances, cosmetics, footwear and home furnishing store) * Crossword (book store) * Inorbit Mall (fashion, lifestyle, food and entertainment) and Hyper City (hypermarket) As we can see that all major groups in India have opened up their retail stores catering to different sections of the society providing for different needs of the customers. This has resulted in a sort of monopolistic competition in organized retail market in metro and Tier 1cities owing to the large number of variants being offered to the customers. However, in Tier 2 and 3 cities there are fewer of such modern retail stores and the market situation can be compared to oligopoly, but however because of local players and unorganized retail the effects of oligopoly generally don’t show up. The presence of competitors thus affects not only the player, but the industry and the nation as whole. Let’s discuss in brief the effects of competition. COMPETITION AND RIVALRY Competition is one of the means to achieve economic efficiency. You read "A Microeconomic Analysis of Indian Retail Industry" in category "Essay examples" It restrains prices and encourages companies to innovate ; provide better quality of products. In the retail sector competition is driven by many factors, including variety, products, price, quality, service, location, reputation, credit and availability of retail space etc. It can broadly be classified under: 1. Competition because of Internal Factors The large number of groups in multibrand retail such as TATA, Raheja et al and also single brand established foreign players such as Adidas, Nike etc pose a threat to speedy expansion of Indian Retail. . Competition because of External Factors The organized retail industry in India is facing immense competition from the unorganized sector. Traditionally, retailing has been established in India for centuries. It is a low cost structure, mostly owner operated, has negligible real estate and labor costs and little or no taxes to pay. The unorganized retail sector constitutes over 93% of India’s total retail sector and thus, poses a serious hurdle for organized retailers. Because of the largely unorganized nature of Indian retail, inefficiencies have crept in and large number of intermediaries exists, reducing the functional and productive efficiency of the retail industry. The government in power has thus been keen to promote FDI in retail in India. Hundred percent FDI in single brand retail invited global companies for competition in the Indian retail sector. With this the companies are working with a strategy so as to be able to cater to the needs of the consumers and grow volumes by ensuring footfalls, while being able to reduce costs, withstand downturns, and face competition. Here we also see a common practise to prevent other companies from affecting the economic status quo of a country, by imposing barriers and caps on FDI, for example what has been done in multibrand retail. As of now, FDI in multibrand retail cannot exceed the specified cap which has kept global retailers such as Walmart, Carrefour et al from entering the Indian market, although they still do exist in whole sale cash and carry segment. The market structure of the modern retail is that of monopolistic competition in metros ; tier I cities which usually have hundreds of shopping alternatives including multi-brand retail outlets, single brand outlets in the shopping malls and nation-wide chains. Whereas in the tier II ; tier III cities the market structure is oligopoly in nature as they have fewer stores and somewhere only a single super centre or shopping mall. Also if we look at prices of different products in various retail outlets, we find that there is not much difference between the prices, except during periods or seasons of sale. This shows that because of the very competitive nature of modern retail, which now also includes online retail, the players are almost operating at zero economic profit, and thus don’t have much scope to offer different prices for similar products. Moreover almost all use similar technologies and processing techniques to provide the final product and thus the prices cannot be increased significantly, for fear of loss of market share. For example, Pantaloons and Westside have almost the similar brands in offering for the customer, leaving little scope for differentiation or price discrimination. Price discrimination can however happen when we compare lifestyle or luxury and value format stores, value stores charging lesser price for the same product sold at a higher price in lifestyle stores. To gain advantage in such a competitive environment major retailers have started to distinguish themselves by providing products under ‘private labels’. In India, fresh produce purchases are made more often from cart vendors who buy their stock from wholesalers. Retailers have tried to bridge the gap with direct farm procurement  eliminating middlemen and introducing  Ã¢â‚¬Ëœ private labels’. They are coming up with new ideas to grab a major share of the market which is prospering (see figure below) because of the following factors: The average income of the middle class population has been increasing at a rate of around 12%, which will result in increased expenditure Increasing proportion of working women in the country Increasing population of employed youth Increasing desire for better standards of living and trends in consumer expenditure Increase in the use of plastic money Emerging markets in Tier II and Tier III cities Figure: Sales (in million Rs. ) plotted against the financial year Source: Company official website These factors may cause a shift in the demand curve, but more number of retailers will be willing to enter and eventually the price would not be impacted much. There would, infact a gradual shift from unorganized to the organized retail. All these and a huge untapped market potential that’s locked in the unorganized retail has motivated modern retailers to invest heavily in marketing and advertising, to grab customer attention and retain them. ADVERTISING Promoting the modern retail brand is very important – especially in metro and Tier I cities. The retailer must strive hard to communicate the USP of the brand and help the end-users know to which brand a particular product belongs influencing the buying behavior of the customer. Not only in India, retail industry all over the world spends large amount of funds on advertising. The figure below shows comparison of expenditure by the retail sector with others on online advertising in the United States Figure 5: US Online Ad Spending The growth of online video ads among the brand marketers and Social networking are primary contributors to the growing market share of the retail sector. Advertising in modern retail is broadly done under the following three categories: Traditional Advertising Traditional advertising means advertising using traditional media such as TV, newspaper, radio, circulars, hoardings etc. For eg. we frequently see advertisements from major retail players such as Big Bazaar, Chroma etc in newspapers. Digital Advertising This form uses advertising using digital media. Video advertising, Mobile advertising etc are some of its examples. Alternative Offers Under this we may have guerilla marketing where the marketer may use graffiti, fliers, deal of the day type offers, groupon etc to promote or advertise the product. Website Communication or on-site communication evaluates how well retailers currently collect the kind of information that helps them localize their own communications with consumers. For this category, we evaluate two criteria: whether the retailer offers localized information about their own stores on their eCommerce site, and whether they solicit customer information – email address and mobile number, prominently on their site. The expansion of the retail sector and the creation of meta-mediaries has provided with increasing job opportunities. JOB CREATION With a CAGR of around 14. 5% in the last five years and the bright prospects of expansion , the the no of jobs in this sector are expected to grow at a fast pace. The existing players will have to face competition from the new players and this would also lead to opening up of new stores and thereby increasing the job opportunities in the country. Shift in consumers preference from traditional stores and shops to departmental stores and hypermarkets is definitely going to put pressure on retailers to provide for adequate staff and services, thereby increasing the number of people employed and thus creating job opportunities. The rural market is home to the 46% of the rich and prosperous people of the country. Besides, these people stay in 17% of the villages of the country. The infrastructure costs in setting up retail outlets in these places are going to be lower compared to the cities. This will encourage the emergence of regional players and would again lead to creation of jobs in many regions. However, some more prospering regions or cities which have shown good growth rates will have an edge over others, even in the same state. Whatever is the case, the supply has to be met with the demand, especially when there is no dearth of labor in India and job creation is highly likely, an event when it comes to the retail sector expansion and penetration. FDI in multi-brand retail is going to be a deciding factor in creation of jobs as well. Once permitted, this will lead to aggressive competition. The entry of new players would balance the supply chain and farmers will be benefitted. If this happens, more people will be attracted towards farming, also contract farming would lead to creation of rural jobs. Moreover, entry of foreign investors is likely to shift the production possibility frontier outwards(see figure below), because they are more likely to invest in storage, supply chain and other capital goods. Retail sector is expected to expand by leaps and bounds in the near future and this would create a lot of jobs. The advancement of technology though can also reduce the manpower required in the long run and the jobs created over a period of time may get killed. The entry of multi brand retailers may also adversely impact the local kirana walas, because they will be able to recover there fixed cost easily and gain from economies of scale. Further, because all food and grocery require very similar capital investment, they also stand to gain from economies of scope. Figure: Expansion of Production Possibility frontier (not by reducing consumption but with introduction of new technology) RECENT TRENDS Growth of Modern Retail India moved from being 10th largest economy in 1990 to 4th largest in 2010 according to Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). The growing economy has driven the growth in per capita income of Indian consumers. Indian retail sector (organized and unorganized) has grown by 14. 5% from 2006-07 to 2011-12 and is valued at $396 billion out of which 5-6% is the share of organized retail. Organized retail has had growth more than double of total retail. With the overall rise the penetration of organized retail sector has increased and is expected to grow its share to 10% by the year 2016. Changing shopping behavior Shopping behavior has changed over time, with growing urbanization there has been rise in affluence and growing attraction towards branded goods. The parameters over which modern retail has been faring better than traditional retail are product assortment and range, quality, everything under single roof model. FDI in retail FDI in Single Brand: In 2006, FDI in single brand retail was permitted to the extent of 51% which has recently been increased to 100% in Jan, 2012. There is also a mandate of sourcing of goods from local SMEs and local dealers. FDI in multi-brand sector: International retailers are allowed 100% ownership in cash ; carry wholesale trade stores. But similar initiative in multi-brand retail stores, i. e. allowing 51% FDI has been met by widespread rejection and has been put on hold. Online Retailing Online retailing is gaining popularity in India with growing penetration of internet. It is expected that online retail will triple in size by 2014-15. It will be dominated by branded, low ticket size, easily transportable, lifestyle products and books. Flipkart and Yebhi. com have already established themselves as major players in this segment in the Indian market. Challenges posed by recent developments Indian government intended to bring 51% FDI in multi-retail sector but due to its widespread opposition, it has not been approved yet. This has put entry of world’s leading retail chain in Indian market. A lot has been said about possible loss of potential job and infrastructure development due to this. Besides that the suggested provision of sourcing from local SMEs is also proving to be a deterrent. INDIA AND THE INTERNATIONAL MARKET The graph below shows India’s status wiz a wiz status of organized retail in other countries. It can be observed that India still has a long way to go if it wants to increase the share of organized retail in the retail market. Figure: Organized retail as a percentage of total retail in different countries Source: CRISIL In the second half of the 20th century, many countries opened up there markets for Organized Retail and some also opened for multi-brand retail. There were some countries who felt a positive impact of the same, China is one such example; while there were others such as Uk which were adversely affected. India should also proceed with implementing FDI in multi-brand retail in phases, looking for any drawbacks, before it opens up fully. REFERENCES CRISIL Research, http://crisil. com/research/list-of-industries. html# Dun and BradStreet, http://www. dnb. co. in/IndianRetailIndustry/overview. asp Indian retail News, http://www. indiaretailnews. com/ Tata group official website, http://www. tata. com/company/profile. aspx? ectid=oH90Rc8X7Dg= Croma retail, http://www. cromaretail. com/ FDI in Retail, http://cci. gov. in/images/media/ResearchReports/FDI%20in%20Indian%20Retail%20Sector%20Analysis%20of%20Competition%20in%20Agri-Food%20Sector. pdf Futures group Official website, http://futuresgroup. com/ BIBLIOGAPHY Economics by Samuelson and Nordhaus ——————————â€⠀Ã¢â‚¬â€Ã¢â‚¬â€Ã¢â‚¬â€Ã¢â‚¬â€œ [ 1 ]. Lifestyle formats include departmental stores and specialty stores [ 2 ]. Value formats include supermarkets and hypermarkets [ 3 ]. Retailers can use price differentiation to gain from the consumer surplus [ 4 ]. Private  labels or private  brands  Ã‚  are the brands that are owned and sold by  Ã‚  retailers at their stores   and are typically  priced lower  (5-15 percent)   as compared to  the existing  brands. [ 5 ]. These factors will result in a shift of demand curve to the right [ 6 ]. Source: CRISIL [ 7 ]. Organised retail penetration expected to cross 10 per cent by 2016-17 [ 8 ]. In such cities, the number of market players is very large forming a monopolistic market, brand positioning thus becomes very important to create great brand recall value. [ 9 ]. Unique Selling Proposition [ 10 ]. Opened up multi brand retail in phases. How to cite A Microeconomic Analysis of Indian Retail Industry, Essay examples

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What Are Your Ambition in Life and Explain How Will You Achieve Them free essay sample

China will expand 6. 5 percent this year, the World Bank said, down from an earlier forecast for 7. 5 percent growth and compared with 9 percent growth last year, as export demand weakens in the United States, Europe and Japan. However, Beijing’s $587 billion stimulus will help it shift growth to personal consumption and spending on services, the World Bank said in its twice-yearly report. Government investment and banks’ small exposure to losses on the U. S. mortgage derivatives that sparked the global slump will also help China grow, it said. Nehru said that a recovery in the world’s third-largest economy would be reflected in a continued rise in the price of commodities, which, while still declining, had experienced a stabilisation. He warned that the sharp economic deterioration had led to millions of job losses across Asia, not yet fully reflected in official unemployment data. Growth in Indonesia will slow to 3. 4 percent this year, down from a previous forecast for 3. We will write a custom essay sample on What Are Your Ambition in Life and Explain How Will You Achieve Them or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page 8 percent, the report said. Indonesia may return to 5 percent growth as the government fiscal deficit last year was 0. percent of gross domestic product, meaning policy makers have room to launch fiscal stimulus.The global economic crisis and the security threat posed by North Korea’s rocket launch will grab much of the attention this weekend when Asian leaders gather in Thailand for their annual summit. It will be the first meeting of the leaders of Japan, China and South Korea since Sunday’s launch of what North Korea called a satellite, but which many countries saw as a thinly disguised test of a rocket capable of hitting the United States. The summit, which gets underway on Friday in the beach resort of Pattaya, also comes barely a week after G-20 members agreed a $1. 1 trillion blueprint to revive the global economy. Other issues, ranging from energy and food security to climate change and world trade, will also be discussed by leaders of a region encompassing three billion people and which accounts for nearly 30 percent of global GDP. The 10 members of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) span the political and economic spectrum: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

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The opening of a story with reference to essays

The opening of a story with reference to essays The opening of a story plays a significant role in introducing the ideas and issues that are addressed in a story. We all fall down by Robert Cormier is no exception to this. The opening of Cormiers book introduces the issues of deception, destruction and the idea that an event can affect every person differently. It is these ideas and issues that play an important role in the story. The issue of deception is present throughout we all fall down. The first time the reader acknowledges the idea of deception is when the avenger is describing his supposedly requited relationship with the Jeromes. The reader believes the avenger to be like a son and brother to the family. This incorrect idea only lasts a short while as the reader begins to question why, if he is such a significant part of the family, the avenger watched while the Jeromes house was being destroyed. The reader is introduced to the character Mickey Stallings, or Mickey Loony as he has been named by the children in the community, and they believe him to be just a neighborhood handy man even if he is a little loony. Not only are the other characters in the book lead to believe this but the reader is also. This idea is retained by both the reader and the character until his real identity is revealed towards the end of the book. At this time the deception surrounding Mickey Stallings and the avenger is revealed. The opening of we all fall down presents the reader with an image of the trashers. This image is that of disobedient teenage rebels seeking fun at the expense of other. This image is maintained until the avenger states that the trashers were regular kids, not sleazies rough guy or drop outs. Later in the book the avengers image of the trashers is enforced when we are introduced to the character Buddy walker, one of the ...

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Where Should You Take the ACT

Where Should You Take the ACT SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips You don't want to walk in the morning of the ACT only to find you have to take the test on a super-tiny desk. If you're preparing for the ACT, you've probably spent a lot of time studying and getting ready for the test. But you probably haven't given that much thought to the physical location of your test (especially if you're taking it as a part of your state’s mandatory testing). However, the place you take the ACT could definitely affect your performance. Read our guide to choosing the best possible ACT test location so you can knock it out of the park. How to Search for Test Locations Before we can even talk about what makes a good center, we need to go over how to find those test centers to begin with. Keep in mind this guide is intended for students taking the test outside of mandatory state testing sessions. If your high school requires you to take the ACT, you won't be able to choose the location for that session of the test. But if you sign up on your own, you will be able to chose. The ACT website has two test center search methods – one that’s easier to use but less detailed, and one that’s more cumbersome but gives you more info. We’ll tell you about both. Method One: ACT’s Test Center Search The easiest way to start looking for an ACT Test Center is to use the search feature on ACT’s website. This basic search method allows you to search by country, state, and city. Image via the ACT Student website. The upside is that this is a quick method, and you don’t have to begin registering for the test. The downside is that since you can only search by city and state, and not zip code/distance, you might overlook test centers close to you. However, for some states, this basic method might be all you need. For example, in Rhode Island, there are only two test centers that offer the test on all ACT dates, and eleven centers total. If you live in RI, that would probably make your choice of test center pretty straightforward, unless you want to consider options over the border. Eight of the eleven possible test centers in Rhode Island. The basic ACT Test Center search doesn't allow students in Rhode Island to easily see options over the state border. Image via the ACT Student website. But for big states like California and Texas, you might need a more fine-grained search to be able to sort through the options closest to you. If that's the case, you may want to consider the second search method. Method Two: Begin to Register for the ACT Unfortunately, the best method for an ACT test center search is within the test registration process. You don’t have to complete your registration, but use this method if you want to do a more efficient search by zip code. For some reason, both the SAT and the ACT only let you search test centers by zip code once you’ve begun to register. Once you begin to register for the ACT, you can search for test centers by zip code. Image via the ACT Student website. The registration search method will give you a list of the test centers nearest to you. This is especially helpful if you live close to a different city or even a state line, as it will show you options over the border. A list of possible test centers found with the zip code search. Note that using this method you can still view which test centers still have space available. Image via the ACT Student website. So if you use this search method and see that you have a lot of options, how do you choose the best test center? Your choice depends on a few important factors, which we will cover in order of importance. How Far Away is the Center? You don’t want to risk a travel crisis the morning of the ACT. For that reason alone, it’s wise to choose a test center as close to your home as possible. In most cases, the closer, the safer, especially if traffic or weather issues arise. Also think about the parking and/or drop-off situation at the location. A high school parking lot might be crazy the morning of the ACT. In any case, always give yourself more time than you think you’ll need to get to the ACT on time. This is not the morning to be late! Do You Know the Building? Once you’re inside the center, you’ll be less stressed out if you know how to get around. For example, if it’s your own high school, even if you’re headed to a room you’ve never had a class in, you’ll likely be able to find it easily. This means less unnecessary stress on test day. However, if you’re in a different high school or university building, and have to go looking for your test room, that could cause unnecessary stress, especially if you take a wrong turn or get lost. If you have to go to an unfamiliar location (say if your high school doesn’t offer the ACT) you might consider scoping out the center ahead of time. Will You Run Into Friends? Will seeing friends or classmates at the ACT relax you, or stress you out? For some students, seeing their friends and talking before the test could help them relax and focus. For others, seeing classmates could remind them of competition and college application stress, so being with strangers might be more relaxing. There is no problem with being either type of person. But be introspective and try to decide if being with familiar faces will be good or bad for you, and plan accordingly. If you'll be especially stressed out by familiar faces, you might consider traveling a bit farther to go to a different test location. Are There Issues With the Test Center? Aside from the big issues of location and people present, there could be other, unexpected issues that make a test center better or worse. What are the rooms like? For example, windowless rooms can be oppressive and stressful for some students. For others, sitting by a window could be distracting. Does the room have decent temperature control? You don’t want to be taking the ACT either uncomfortably hot or cold. If the high school across town has AC and yours doesn’t, you might prefer to go across town, especially if you're taking the ACT in June. Think about other possible problems with the test center. Is there construction happening nearby that could be distracting? Odd smells or lighting issues? There are things that could unexpectedly cause problems the morning of the test. If you're easily distracted, make sure to scope out potential test centers carefully. They came in like wrecking ball... and ruined your concentration during the ACT. Avoid test locations with nearby construction sites! Image via Wikipedia. Finally, think about desk size. The bigger the desk or table you get to use, the easier, since you’re going to be juggling your answer sheet and test booklet. Trying to cram everything onto a tiny desk is an annoyance you might not want to deal with on test day. Should I Just Test at my High School? After going through all these different potential testing locations and issues, you might think that just going to your high school is the best option. This is likely the case for many students, but consider the following potential problems before you register. First, as we discussed above, being around friends and classmates can be stressful for some students. Will familiar faces distract you or stress you out? You might want the â€Å"blank slate† experience of going to a different location. Second, is there a closer location? Don’t underestimate morning-of travel and weather issues. If you commute across town to go to school, going to a location closer to home could save you morning-of travel time and stress. Are there known issues with your high school, like small desks, lack of heating/cooling, or a nearby construction project? You might want to seek out a different test center at a local University or different high school for a better testing environment. Do you tend to lose focus in environments you’re used to? Some people prefer the environment of a new testing center. Of course, for others, being in familiar locations is less stressful. That said, if you don't have any of those issues, your high school can be the best bet since you’re familiar with it. Personally, I took the ACT at my high school and found it much less stressful than going to a different location for my SAT Subject Tests. I happened to live within walking distance of my high school, and I liked having a short walk the morning of the test to calm my nerves. Plus, since I wasn’t worried about finding the testing room, I was at ease that morning. In contrast, I found it stressful to drive to different location for the SAT subject tests and deal with finding my testing room in a big University building I’d never been to before. Remember, the best testing environment for you is all about your preferences and test-taking style. Take your own concerns and issues into account when choosing your test center. Other Tips Be aware of test center closings. Sometimes the ACT has to close test centers before a test due to weather or other unforeseen issues. Check your email carefully in the weeks and days leading up to the test in case this happens to your test center. Drive to the testing location before the morning of the test if you’ve never been there. Don’t rely on your GPS to get you there without problems the morning of. There could be problems with the route, or the address given might not take you to the right entrance. If you make the drive before the morning of the test, you can make sure to avoid any last-minute crises. If you have a long drive the morning of, pack your breakfast with you to save time. You could put together a playlist for the drive as well. Either choose relaxing music if you tend to stress out, or music that will get you amped if you need some extra motivation! You could also bring along some flashcards or practice problems to get your brain going in the car. If you’ve already registered but decide you want to switch locations, you can change your ACT location after registering, but there’s a $28 fee and locations fill up the closer you get to the test. So if you want to change, do it quickly. Better yet, research your test center options before you register. What’s Next? Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall with your ACT studying? Get advice from our 36 perfect-scorer. Even if you’re not going for a 36 yourself, these tips will give you the motivation you need to get through these last few weeks of studying. Try out some full-length ACT practice tests. Being used to the format, length, and pacing of the ACT will help you build stamina and feel confident and relaxed on test day. Want other test day tips? Find out what to do – and what not do to! – the night before and morning of. Want to improve your ACT score by 4+ points? Download our free guide to the top 5 strategies you need in your prep to improve your ACT score dramatically.

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Measures of Personality Research Assignment Essay

Measures of Personality Research Assignment - Essay Example e and practical rather than the abstract and theoretical, and finally Judgment-Perception (J-P) measuring someones preference for order and rules, rather than spontaneity and flexibility. All participants are tested through a series of questionnaires and their relative position on each of the four axes is mapped to get a complete 4-dimensional map of his or her personality. b. Circumstances under which the test is indicated : The test is used for predicting innate preferences for people for certain types of careers, and is used by recruitment agencies, the government and companies to assess the natural preferences for candidates or workers. In addition the test is widely used in education to assess the natural preferences and suitability of applicants for various courses, and in advising and counselling young people regarding a career choice. In addition, numerous people administer the test to themselves, to discover more about themselves, and it has been used in finding the right psychological type of partner by professional dating and matchmaking agencies. c. Reliability and validity : The MBTI has been studied by numerous researchers with regards to objectivity and validity, and most researchers have found that the eight preference poles correspond in practice to theory for most people. (Hammer, 1996). Tzengs (1984) factor analysis of 125 students confirmed the validity of the four axes based on the MBTI. d. Factors to be considered by user: Users often find that the test is more reliably scored when someone administers it rather than when they self-test it. In addition, the test indicators do not mean that users cannot progress in areas where the test has not shown them to have a natural preference – by training and trying hard, they can still progress. e. My own opinion of the usefulness. The test is essentially a psychological tool for assessing how people prefer things naturally. However its practical utility in the real world is severely limited as